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Basic information of Planer

- Apr 12, 2017 -

Planer is a machine tool for planing the plane, groove, or forming surface of the workpiece with the planer. Planer is the purpose of making the cutter and workpiece relatively straight and reciprocating movement to achieve the surface of the workpiece planing. Reciprocating motion is the main movement on the planer. In addition to the main movement of the machine, there is auxiliary movement, also called the Knife movement, the planer's knife movement is the work table (or planer) intermittent movement.

In the planer can be planing water level, vertical plane, bevel, curved surface, step surface, yan-tail workpiece, T-groove, V-groove, can also planing holes, gears and rack and so on. If the planer is adapted appropriately, the adaptation range of the planer can be enlarged.

The planer is used to cut long surfaces with high efficiency, which is suitable for medium and small batch production and maintenance workshops. Planer is a straight-line kinematic machine for planing the plane, groove, or forming surface of the workpiece. The use of planer machining, cutting tools is simpler, but low production rate (except for the long, narrow plane), and thus mainly used in single-piece, small batch production and repair workshops, in large quantities are often replaced by milling machine.

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