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China manufacturing international BBS textile and clothing special field to build a new industry ecology

- Oct 29, 2018 -

At present, China's garment industry profit level is low, the industry average is only 5.6%, mainly business model focus on generation of processing production, mainly in clothing industry area clustering form development, but "together and not united" problems, main show is the insufficient acceptance capability of the orders (contradiction large-scale production and small batch order form), low capacity utilization (spare capacity cannot be freed, incremental orders can't injection) and not collaborative production, accumulation of multiple factors to form the enterprise independently to complete the transformation and upgrading is difficult and high cost.

Held in October 23 "the 15th China manufacturing international BBS" on, love Barry as sponsors and host of BBS, specially set up a special "textile", department of ministry of industry and consumer goods industry, Chinese clothing association, China textile construction of sarft departments such as leadership, wenshang county of shandong province and zhejiang province ZhiLi Town clothing industry cluster manager and various resources in the field of industry key party attended, explore and released for clothing industry cluster area transformation and upgrading of the overall solution. Cluster in the area to the Internet through the industry to establish connectivity between the enterprise and every link of enterprise operational management based on the relation between the "data" spare capacity directly matching with the order, reduce the loss caused by the insufficient acceptance capability of the idle capacity and order, plate-making, tailoring, etc of the intermediate links to lean operation management to support sharing mode, reduce the dependence on staff, by sharing increase the productive capacity of the existing capacity.

Guide local clothing enterprises on the "cloud" to the application of lightweight industrial APP, convenience to solve garment enterprise information management, and management of digital, simplification, pockets, and through the application of APP, achieve production sharing mode, will be larger orders, according to the optimal allocation by the manufacturing end data also small orders polymerization can be easier to digest medium bulk order for the enterprise. In addition, it can provide enterprises with accurate market big data analysis services, so as to achieve the required production.

Sharing of the regional edition division and cutting bed, the number and capacity of edition division are not equal, making the small and medium-sized enterprises edition division high cost, difficult to manage, large flow, the purchase of cutting bed pressure, more manual cutting, standardization degree low impact on the quality of clothing, staff technical dependence, high operation and management costs. Plate making and cutting center is established and the independent operation and shorten the length of the chain enterprise management, multiple Shared plate making and tailoring business, cooperate with construction material center, purchasing fabric collection, according to the centre APP data analysis to integrate cuttings production plan to delivery directly to enterprises, avoid large equipment investment, reduce the cost of cutting part business operation management and management difficulty, through the operation of the lean management, strengthen standardization, improve quality, reduce the circulation efficiency loss, improve the production efficiency, release the spare capacity, to fulfill the requirements of domestic low the cost of the order.

Through the new mode, the integration and competitiveness of the whole garment industry will be improved and the industrial scale and competitiveness will be expanded. For enterprises, production cost and management difficulty are greatly reduced, which shortens the link of enterprise production management and avoids the cost of equipment input. The collective procurement and management mode of fabric no longer takes up their own capital, helping enterprises to expand operation and control risks. For the whole cluster, by sharing and joint innovation model will boost output ability, especially on the delivery ability, form a transparent joint production and delivery, at the same time can release more manpower, guide the centralized processing enterprises, through the APP "cloud" management, further enhance the competitiveness of the local garment industry.

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