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Common concept about textile machinery

- Jun 01, 2017 -

1, warp, warp, warp density - the length of the fabric; the yarn called the warp; its 1 inch yarn in the number of arranged by the dense (warp density);

2, weft, weft, weft density - fabric width direction; the yarn is called weft yarn, the number of yarns in 1 inch is the weft density (weft density)

3, the density - used to indicate the length of the yarn within the unit length of the yarn, usually 1 inch or 10 cm within the number of yarn, the national standard of 10 centimeters using the number of yarns that the density, but Textile companies are still accustomed to using 1 inch of the number of yarns to represent the density. As is often seen, "45X45 / 108X58" means warp weft yarns are 45, warp and weft density of 108,58.

4, width - the effective width of the fabric, generally used in inches or centimeters that are common with 36 inches, 44 inches, 56-60 inches, etc., were called narrow, medium and wide, higher than 60 Inch fabric for the wide width, generally called the wide cloth, today's wide width of our fabric can reach 360 cm. The width of the general mark in the density behind, such as: 3 mentioned in the fabric if the width is expressed as: "45X45 / 108X58 / 60" "that is 60 inches wide.

5, weight - the weight of the fabric is generally the weight of square meters of fabric weight, weight is an important technical indicators of knitted fabrics, woolen wool is also often the weight as an important technical indicators.

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