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Cote d 'ivoire became an observer state for the four cotton nations

- Nov 21, 2018 -

Cote d 'ivoire was granted observer status at the organization of the four cotton nations (C4) business ministers' meeting on 15-16. The "four cotton nations", a group of four cotton producers in burkina faso, Chad, benin and Mali, are committed to resolving their own issues related to the commercialization of cotton and the cotton industry in multilateral wto negotiations. After becoming an observer state, Kuwait will be able to participate in high-level wto discussions on cotton and make statements on all issues related to the cotton industry, as well as enjoy technical and financial assistance in the development of the cotton industry.

Cosco is the fourth largest cotton producer in Africa, with a cotton output of 41.26 million tons in 2018 with a unit yield of 1,261 kg per hectare, and an annual output of 32.81 million tons in 2016-2017 with a unit yield of 955 kg per hectare. The annual export revenue of cotton is about 120 billion silang (about 1.45 billion yuan), accounting for 7 percent of the total. About 120,000 people grow cotton, mainly in the form of family operations, with an average planting area of 3 hectares per household. A total of 3.5 million people live directly or indirectly through cotton farming in the north central region. (source: ministry of commerce)

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