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Cutting principle of planer

- Apr 12, 2017 -

Pillow with planer, as a straight line of the planer, because of the head of the front of the pillow, the shape of a cow, so named Shaper bed. Planer is mainly used in small batch production of small and medium-sized workpiece planing plane, forming surface and groove. The main movement of small and medium shaper beds, mostly using crank-rocker mechanism (see crank-slider mechanism) drive, so the movement speed of the pillow is uneven. The large shaper bed adopts hydraulic transmission, the pillow is basically uniform motion. The return stroke speed of the pillow is greater than the speed of the work stroke. Because of the single blade machining, and on the pillow return without cutting, shaper bed low productivity. The main parameter of the machine tool is the maximum planing length. Planer by the pillow with the planer to make horizontal straight-line, the turret can rotate in the vertical plane angle, and manual feed, the work table with the workpiece for intermittent horizontal or vertical feed movement, often used in processing planes, grooves and Yan-tail surface. The Imitation Shaper bed is an additional affine mechanism on the ordinary shaper bed, which is used to process the forming surfaces, such as turbine blades. Movable shaper bed pillow and sliding seats can also be in bed (horizontal) or upright (vertical) on the move, suitable for planing large parts of the local plane.

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