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Green supply chain CITI evaluation report released: textile industry as a whole significantly enhanced ranking

- Oct 26, 2018 -

The fifth annual report of the CITI index on the green supply chain released by the public environment research center (IPE) in Beijing on October 25 shows that environmental big data is generating innovative solutions that are helping a number of leading Chinese and foreign brands in green purchasing to scale up.

CITI index, which was launched in 2014, is the world's first quantitative evaluation system based on the brand's environmental management performance in China's supply chain. Of the 306 brands covered in this review, three U.S. companies led, with apple holding the top spot with 84 points, dell with 82 and Levi Strauss with 76.

Levi's, Nike, samsung, Inditex and taiji already use the green supply chain map to link their logos with their suppliers' environmental performance, highlighting their commitment to strict supply chain environmental management, said ma jun, director of the center for public and environmental research. Other brands featured on this edition's map are Esprit, New Balance, Gap Inc., puma, adidas and Tesco.

This issue covers 142 brands in greater China, among which foxconn, yida and huawei rank the highest. Huawei continued to rank as the top brand in mainland China, while lanshi green group also had excellent performance. All four brands are on the TOP30 of the CITI index, a global leader in the green supply chain.

It is worth noting that in the top 100 of CITI index, the overall ranking of the textile industry rises rapidly, such as: C&A ranking rises by 30, Nike by 28 and Primark by 23. But some textile companies have fallen in the rankings, with adidas down eight places and puma down three.

In this evaluation, a total of 38 brands began to try eco-chain management. Networked and automated solutions can effectively save management costs and significantly improve the efficiency of green procurement management. During the evaluation period, a total of 2,458 domestic and foreign suppliers in China have been promoted to communicate with suppliers in China on rectification and disclosure and environmental protection organizations. Among them, 1206 enterprises have confirmed their rectification compliance through independent third-party audit, up by 280% year-on-year, highlighting that green procurement has promoted significant growth in scale.

At the same time, Levi's and dell also 25 leading brands such as filling tool use, promote its direct suppliers comprehensive retrieve their supply chain, is expected to cover chemical environmental management cellulose fibre, chemical dyes, auxiliaries and other chemical products, aluminum alloy, special steel, copper foil, such as closer to the supply chain of raw materials, as well as the concentration of sewage treatment facilities and hazardous waste disposal, and promote the industrial enterprises continue to focus on their own environmental performance.

This evaluation report suggests that government departments should promote enterprises to implement information disclosure requirements, attach importance to the main role of enterprises in the construction of green supply chain, and spread the good practice of leading enterprises to more industries. At the same time, it is suggested to learn from the good practice of Chinese and foreign brands to promote the implementation of green procurement by governments at all levels. It is suggested that more Chinese and foreign brands use data and network tools to improve the efficiency of green chain management. Financial institutions are advised to take green finance into consideration for the performance of green supply chain. At the same time, it is suggested that third parties such as mass media and environmental protection organizations should give more recognition to enterprises actively carrying out green chain construction and guide consumers to practice green consumption.

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