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Machining Characteristics of Planer

- Apr 12, 2017 -

According to the cutting movement and the specific machining requirements, the planer structure is simpler than the lathe, the milling machine, the price is low, adjusted and

The operation is also convenient. The single blade planer is the same as the vehicle cutter, the shape is simple, manufacturing, sharpening and installing are more convenient. The main motion of planing is reciprocating linear motion, which is influenced by inertia force, and the cutting speed is limited by the impact of cutting tool and cutting out. Single blade planer actually participates in cutting blade length is limited, a surface tends to undergo multiple trips to process out, the basic craft time is longer. The planing plane returns the stroke without cutting, machining discontinuous, increasing auxiliary time.

Therefore, the productivity of planing is lower than milling. However, for a narrow surface (such as rails, long slots, etc.) processing, and in the planer on multiple or more knives processing, planing productivity may be higher than milling. The precision of planing can reach IT9~IT8, the surface roughness RA value is 3.2 μ m~1.6 μ m. When adopting a wide-edged fine planer, that is, with a wide blade of thin plane planer at a very low cutting speed. Large feed and small cutting depth, cut from the surface of the part of a thin layer of metal, because of small cutting force, cutting heat and small deformation, so the surface roughness of the part of RA value can reach 1.6 μm m~0.4 μ m, straightness can reach 0.02mm/m. A wide-edged fine planer can be substituted for scraping, which is an advanced and effective finishing plane method.

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