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Main classification of Sanding machine

- Apr 12, 2017 -

1, disc-type sand

Disc-type sanding is also called the windmill sanding, grinding wheel sanding, the advantage is usually can carry out special-shaped sand light; The disadvantage is that the heat dissipation performance is easy to bond, the sand light efficiency is low.

A, large number of "Desktop Windmill sanding Machine", but due to the low efficiency of sanding, the replacement of Emery cloth is not convenient, bad operation, so use fewer and less people.

B, small have: electric angular grinding machine, pneumatic angle grinder, electric grinding wheel, pneumatic grinding wheel, electric electric grinder, starting electric grinder, bench grinding machine, such as small sanding equipment, because of compact size, easy to carry, easy to operate, widely used in all walks of life. But efficiency is still low.

2, Belt type sanding

Belt-type sanding is also called sanding, the advantages are good heat dissipation, high sand efficiency, wide application, suitable for sanding plane and comparison rules, but the sand light on the abnormity of the object is not good.

A, hand-operated abrasive belt machine, such as: Vertical sand belt machine, horizontal sand belt machine, vertical horizontal belt machine, vibrating sanding belt machine, vertical horizontal vibration belt machine, portable belt machine, belt conveyor belt, and so on, these devices are relatively simple, but no automatic feeding system, can not and automatic docking line, manual operation of a large labor intensity, low efficiency, but low cost, so the most widely used.

b, with automatic feeding sanding machine, such as: woodworking heavy-duty sanding machine, woodworking elevated sanding machine, primer sanding machine, stone sanding machine, steel sanding machine, glass sanding machine, and so on, the common characteristics of these models are automatic feeding system, multi-grinding head organic combination processing flexibility, high degree of automation, can be connected with automatic pipelining, high production efficiency, but higher cost.

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