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New high - speed warp knitting machine maintenance method

- Jul 19, 2017 -

As the new high-speed machine faster, so the disk should be used as far as possible to use the speed of 24 teeth to reduce the speed of the assembly gear box to avoid the high temperature of the disk to change the needle pitch to reduce the disk, roller and other parts of the wear and tear; Also need to improve the manufacturing accuracy of the disk, and accurately adjust the traverse time, in strict accordance with the requirements of lubrication instructions to use lubricants, including oil, dosage, cycle, etc., while checking the oil, tubing, oil filter. The shaft of the finale cover with a red paint to mark, to avoid mixed or installed anti, and affect the normal operation of the warp beam. Adhere to the inspection of the machine every day, especially the timing of the belt is too loose or too tight, out of teeth, fracture phenomenon, and observe the wear state; check the rack, wall panels, feet and other important load-bearing parts, and check fastening Pieces and seals, to prevent the screw loose; if the friction generated iron, the machine abnormalities and parts shift, etc., must carefully identify the reasons.

Operators should adhere to clean the machine, keep the workshop clean and tidy, such as regular cleaning knitting needles, including sub-needle and loop parts. Remove the waste yarn from the machine, clean the air filter, and so on. At the same time pay attention to the localization of accessories research. Some standard parts can be replaced with domestic accessories, such as bearings, belts, fasteners, electrical components, etc., production enterprises can combine the characteristics of the plant, do digestion and absorption, innovation and transformation work.

Maintenance of the machine should be done in advance to record, turn off the machine power, and then plug the electrical connector; touch screen to install protective film, can extend its service life. In the machine GB1 bar, with a marker pen to write the needle number, which is conducive to record the location of defects generated to help analyze the causes of defects. In the sub-yarn corresponding to the position of the head, do the starting position of the yarn position, to prevent the yarn grinding pan head.

In addition, many manufacturers will face the problem of machine cooling system selection. For example, Guangdong, Fujian region generally order water-cooled machine, and Zhejiang, Jiangsu in the winter, the workshop air conditioning needs heating, which should order air-cooled machines, summer and then changed to water-cooled system, so you can save air conditioning refrigeration electricity The

Technical staff should also be in the equipment inspection and maintenance of the program at the same time, adhere to the pre-repair equipment and emergency repair system, so that both can guarantee product quality, improve machine efficiency, extend machine life, reduce accessories consumption can To ensure that production enterprises to achieve safe production.

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