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Noise reduction measures for woodworking machinery

- Apr 12, 2017 -

When the noise level exceeds the national standards, the construction and layout should be taken to reduce noise.

(1) The height of the 6m large workshop should be installed with the ceiling of sound absorbing materials (slag cotton Sound Board). Tall and long plant, such as the width of less than the height, on both sides of the wall should also be installed on the acoustic board.

(2) The plant height exceeds 6m. Mounting the ceiling of sound suction at the top of a woodworking machine.

(3) If the noise level of the woodworking machine is very high in the plant, the operator can work in the soundproof indoor while allowing long-distance operation.

(4) According to the different noise intensity of woodworking machine tools. The purpose of reducing noise level can also be achieved by proper placement of equipment. The most noisy equipment such as planer, circular saws, band saws should be arranged separately from other equipments.

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