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Packaging and storage of planer

- Apr 12, 2017 -

Planer is used in wooden cases packaging, the wooden case manufacturers in the manufacture of wooden cases, according to GB 7284-87 "framed wooden Box", GB/T13384-92 "electromechanical products packaging general technical conditions" and related standards. The above standards have made specific provisions for the material, structure and moisture content of the box. The inspection of the packing box shall also refer to the SN/T0275-93 "test procedure for the carriage of goods in export of wooden cases." Inside the box machine tool should be effective fixed and liner, its electrical appliances and processing the surface should do not paint the Anti-rust moisture treatment, its anti-rust validity is two years. In storage and in the custody of the machine tool products should be stored in the library, temporarily open-air storage should be reinforced and add tarpaulin to prevent rain, flooding. The center of gravity of the box, rain, not inverted, light and other logo should be complete to ensure that the goods shipped in good, safe arrival of the destination.

Production and ordering considerations

Metal cutting machine tools have been implemented export product quality licensing system, not to obtain export quality permits products are not allowed to export. In addition to the clear general requirements of ordering, the public, imperial, power supply voltage and frequency and random accessories, the color of the machine must have a clear stipulation.

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