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Safe operation of Sanding machine

- Apr 12, 2017 -

First, operators must be familiar with the machine's performance, use and operational considerations, the Novice is strictly prohibited to operate independently, non-related personnel should not be near the machine

2. The operator shall not wear a garment which is liable to be entangled in a machine (such as a tie necklace loose clothes, etc.) hair, please roll, start or wear a wig, prohibit wearing gloves operation machine

3, Sanding machine safety device, do not arbitrarily dismantle, do not have any non-work items placed on the workbench, such as wrenches, so as to avoid the foreign body stuck in the machine damage

4. Before the power switch is on, make sure all the switches are on the off position, check the cleaning sharpness of the belt before working properly. Check the sand belt to install the correct direction (the back of the belt of the arrow pointing to the rubber wheel alignment), the belt specification is applicable, the sand belt swing is moderate, the belt tightness is moderate, the conveyor belt movement trajectory is moderate, the conveyor belt tightness is moderate, the planer blade installation is correct, firmly

5, before processing all the cover must not be removed, the timber should be determined whether the size of the machine in the processing range, adjust the correct processing thickness, wood too thick, will lead to the conveyor belt die, rupture, the equipment can only be used for uniform thickness of wood sand, not used for the horizontal correction of wood bending work, and triangular, rhombic and circular arc wood can not be processed, must pay attention to the workpiece can not be metal attachments, lest damage the machine

6, normal operation, please feel free to pay attention to the ammeter electrical load, prevent the occurrence of machine overload and the jump or sandpaper unbearable load, resulting in the cracking or rupture of the sand belt phenomena. Correction method: 1 Reduce the speed of the sanding belt; 2 Replace the coarse sandpaper of the sand grains; 3 increase the position of the rubber wheel or sand light plate to decrease the amount of sanding

7, operator work, the workpiece once placed in the conveyor belt hands to leave immediately, the workpiece to be evenly at the mercy of the conveyor belt, is the belt and rubber wheels to be subjected to evenly, avoid unilateral wear, shorten the belt and rubber wheels of the applicable life

8, the Sanding machine table up and down adjust the use of computer digital lifting controller operation, the table adjustment is strictly prohibited beyond the control of the controller, not manually adjusting the table height, lest the table tilt or lifting controller data error, conveyor belt speed with stepless speed adjustment, speed to adjust in machine operation

9, the work finished, please be sure to clean up the machine inside, clean the interior, be sure to remove sandpaper, to clean up, and then put on the sandpaper. It is suggested that the sand belt should be relaxed after the end of the work, so that the belt is gradually relaxed in the tight state.

Ten, the new staff must train rear can operate the machine, and in the employee is not fully familiar with the machine performance, must have the old staff to accompany the work, do not operate alone. Operators to leave the post is must first shut down, stop in the operation to talk to people.

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