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Seize the new opportunity of digital transformation -- the trend of digital economy

- Nov 16, 2018 -

New "connections" from people to things generate new kinetic energy

Baidu and faw hongqi jointly launched China's first L4 self-driving passenger car, which will be demonstrated in small batches in 2019 and put into mass operation in more cities in 2020, baidu founder robin li announced recently. Driverless, from concept to reality.

"This is a new species." Li said the Internet of things, represented by unmanned vehicles, will bring explosive growth in the coming years. Baidu is also using cars as media to create smart roads and smart city solutions.

If the Internet has solved the communication of information between people, the Internet of things has transformed the physical world into the digital world, and realized the accurate connection between people and things and things through perception, calculation and learning.

From people to things, new "connections" are generating new kinetic energy. About 5.5 million new devices are added to the Internet of things every day, according to the ministry of industry and information technology. Luo wen, vice-minister of the ministry of industry and information technology, said China has formed a relatively complete industrial chain at present, which will strengthen top-level design, focus on breaking through key technologies such as core chips, smart sensors and low-power wan, promote integration of the Internet of things and industry, and promote scale application.

Broader "connectivity" has also allowed digital dividends to reach more people. Taking the short video as an example, su hua, founder and CEO of clipper, said that the Internet of things achieves two-way perception and accurate match between video and users, and will promote more personalized content and services. Over the past year, more than 10 million people have earned income in the fast-hand community, improving their lives through livestreaming and other means.

Rowan said that China should seize the opportunity to give full play to its advantages in penetration integration and application of innovation, and tap new kinetic energy from "connection" to open new space and reshape competitiveness.

From life to industry traditional field coruscate new life

The re-shaping of information technology to traditional industries will release development space to a greater extent.

The popularization of industrial Internet has built a bridge between digital technology and industrial manufacturing. Chen zhaoxiong, vice minister of the ministry of industry and information technology, said that at present, China's Internet is rapidly extending from the consumer sector to the production sector, from the virtual economy to the real economy, and from the digital economy to the network, intelligent deep expansion. Through the comprehensive interconnection of people, machines, materials, whole factors, whole industrial chain and whole value chain, the industrial Internet promotes the formation of a new industrial production, manufacturing and service system and becomes an important driver for cultivating new driving forces.

Data from the ministry of industry and information technology show that China now has more than 50 influential regional industrial Internet platforms and more than 100,000 industrial equipment connections. The industrial Internet promotes the popularization and popularization of new business modes such as mass customization, industrial products service and intelligent logistics, effectively reducing operating costs and improving management efficiency.

The quality and efficiency of traditional industries have improved, and regional cooperation models have changed.

Orders, fabrics and production sharing can be realized through cloud factories, App orders and other modes, turning the industrial park into a living block integrating tourism, cultural innovation and commerce. Yishang town located in hangzhou, zhejiang province, takes clothing as its fulcrum and develops a new ecology of sharing and co-creation.

Based on the integration of their endowment across the border, they have transformed themselves from a cluster to a platform and an ecosystem, and the ways of industrial cooperation are more Shared. The ministry of industry and information technology will vigorously promote the transformation of the industrial economy to a digital-driven one, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of industrial clusters, and cultivate advanced manufacturing clusters with world influence, rowan said.

We will further cultivate digital technology to lay a solid foundation for development

The foundation of the digital economy lies in the digital technology, in the high-speed access network, the rigorous scientific algorithm, the super computing ability and the thorough network security system. It is urgent to deeply cultivate digital technology and lay a solid foundation for development.

Computing power to some extent determines development potential. Enhancing computing power has become the focus of national layouts. The latest global TOP500 list of high-performance computing, jointly compiled by American and German high-performance computer experts, was released on Wednesday. The number of lenovo has increased to 140 from 117 in the first half of the year. The overall strength of China's over - calculation has been continuously improved, laying a foundation for the development of digital economy.

The expansion of cyberspace also provides space for more application innovations.

Data from the ministry of industry and information technology showed that by the end of September, the proportion of national fiber broadband users reached 88 percent. The next step will be to continue to deepen the pilot work of telecom universal services, and support the coverage of 4G networks in administrative villages, border areas and islands.

At the same time, China is speeding up the deployment of the next generation Internet scale based on Internet protocol version 6 (IPv6), promoting the formation of the next generation Internet autonomous technology system and industrial ecology.

It is undeniable that there are still some problems in China, such as weak foundation of digital technology, unbalanced development, low efficiency of data reading and application, and yet to be strengthened in data security.

Chen said the ministry of industry and information technology will carry out network infrastructure renovation and increase support for network basic, forward-looking and innovative research. In the application and management of big data, the ministry of industry and information technology will accelerate the construction of data chains covering the whole process, whole link and whole life cycle of the industry, and improve the ability of data analysis and processing and knowledge creation.

In addition, the big data security system will be established and improved in terms of laws and regulations, policy standards, capacity building and other aspects to strengthen data security and personal information protection.

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