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Taiwan: textile industry enters fourth transformation

- Nov 12, 2018 -

The rise of e-commerce, the rise of global environmental awareness, the growth of chemical fiber industry in mainland China, and the sino-us trade war encourage the formation of emerging supply chain in southeast Asia. Since 1950, Taiwan textile industry has entered the fourth industrial evolution transformation after the great leap forward of natural fiber, artificial fiber dyeing and printing technology and functional fabric.

Including new fiber dong-sheng wu, Yang, chairman of the chairman Zhou Li equal domestic upstream and downstream leading companies agree that environmental protection type spinning fiber research and development innovation, quick reaction, a variety of order mode, the dragon type and differentiation of upstream and downstream of the production, will be the future of Taiwan can spinning fiber industry in the global market competition and growth on the basis of survival.

Through the evolution of Taiwan's textile industry, the textile industry and its supply chain were turned over in every previous leap forward, and the output value of the industry increased greatly. At present, the functional fabric technology of Taiwan, which is the leader in the global textile industry, is increasingly mature. Although it is still in the leading position in the global market, it has gradually faced the red sea competition from manufacturers in mainland China and southeast Asia after ten years.

Taiwan has advantages in the supply chain of environment-friendly yarn, which has been sharpened for ten years. The new Marine yarn and environment-friendly yarn of domestic far east have been designated as the supplier of global brands such as NIKE, ADIDAS and THREAD.

With the rise of e-commerce, brand factories such as NIKE and ADIDAS have been seeking to cooperate with network channels. Meanwhile, in order to maintain growth momentum, it is necessary to continuously enrich product diversity and increase the speed of response to changes in downstream demand. Network access operators such as AMAZON set up private brands to enter the e-commerce market. Taiwan textile fiber supply chain has enough strength to cope with the e-business quick, hard and standard order mode, adjust the organizational structure and strengthen the production process, I believe it can lead again.

In the face of the low price competition in mainland China and emerging markets in southeast Asia, the upstream and downstream one-stop and differentiated production model is one of the blue sea strategies for domestic textile mills. In order to gain more rapid, fashionable, personalized and customized e-commerce and high-value market business opportunities, domestic textile fiber factory, which is mainly based on cloth yarn, has carried out one-stop production and expanded composite yarn and high-functional yarn varieties to meet the demand of "diversified and small" products from downstream factories.

Differentiation is a niche in global competition. In the past two or three years, domestic textile mills have successively launched textile materials applied in the field of 3C products, steam materials, medical treatment, long zhao, even food grade, all of which show that domestic textile industry is undergoing another wave of industrial transformation, and has stepped out of Taiwan's own way in the increasingly competitive global textile market.

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