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Test standard for Planer

- Apr 12, 2017 -

Planer Main standards are: ZBJ57011-89, JB/Z121-89 "cantilever planer, Gantry planer parameters and series-type Spectrum", JB/T2732.1-94 "cantilever planer, double-planer precision", JB/T2732.2-94 "cantilever planer, gantry planer Technical conditions", JB/T3362-91, JB/T5607-91 "Shaper Bed parameters and series-type Spectrum", GB/T14302-93 "Shaper bed precision", JB/ T3363-93 "Shaper bed Technical conditions", JB5758-91, SJ/T10786-96 "Horizontal mobile shaper bed precision and technical conditions", ZBJ57012-89, JB/Z147-89 "inserted bed parameters and series-type Spectrum", JB2825-91 "interpolation precision", JB/T8826-94 "Insert bed technical conditions" and so on. In addition, there are product quality standards. Export products shall not be inferior to first-class goods.

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