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The cotton and textile industry's business climate index fell in September as the pace of production slowed

- Oct 30, 2018 -

In September 2018, China's cotton textile boom index was 48.18, down 1.76 from August. September is supposed to be the traditional textile season, but the market is still under the shadow of sino-us trade frictions. The unstable trade environment makes market participants generally cautious, while the downstream peak season is not flourishing. Most of the companies said they received orders in the first half of September, while orders generally fell in the second half, even less than in July and August, and production also slowed. The demand side is still in the doldrums, while the downstream side reflects the obvious shortage of orders on nov 11 and Christmas. It is expected that the boom index of China's cotton and textile industry will still decline in October.

Specifically, China's raw material purchase price index in September was 50.83, raw material inventory index was 47.51, production index was 48.85, product sales index was 47.27, and product inventory index was 46.33.

The business operation index was 48.25 in September, down 2.43 from August. Both cotton and cotton prices declined in September, but cotton declined more than cotton. At present, new cotton is listed on the market, the price volatility of cotton in the domestic market is weak, the sino-us trade friction continues to affect the industrial mentality, the market situation of yarn and cloth is weak, and it is expected that the business index will decline in October.

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