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What is rapier loom?

- Apr 03, 2018 -

Rapier loom is the mainstream of the loom machine, its at high speed, stable, good variety adaptability, for the advantages, rapier loom is weaving a variety of grades of fabric and other fabric of choice for the machine. In the shuttleless loom, the weft insertion principle of rapier loom was first proposed.

 At first, it was a single rapier, and then two rapier looms were invented. In 1951, the first international textile machinery exhibition (ITMA) exhibited a prototype of rapier loom, and in this exhibition, the new technology of shuttle-free loom was appraised.

Rapier loom with its good adaptability and relatively low price to make it once ahead of the other machine, widely used in the yarn dyed, cloth, silk, wool, linen and other industries, is one of the most common ZhiZhi medium and small batch model design and color of fabric, already developed now become widely used, quantity, more a kind of shuttleless loom.

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