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What is water jet loom?

- Apr 03, 2018 -

The water jet loom belongs to the jet loom, which USES water as the weft medium to generate friction drag on the weft through the jet flow, so that the filling yarn on the fixed bobbin is introduced into the shed. Because of the good concentration of water flow, there is no water-proof diffuser on the water jet loom, even though the reed can reach more than two meters.

The water jet loom has a good concentration of water, and the friction traction of water on the weft is large. Therefore, the speed and speed of weft of the weft loom are the top of all kinds of looms.

It is suitable for the weaving of hydrophobic fiber yarns, such as synthetic fiber and glass fiber.

The general devices include: jet pump, water drop seal dredging and recovery device, fabric dehydration and drying device, etc.

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