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Workplace for woodworking Machinery

- Apr 12, 2017 -

(1) The process of using toxic, irritating and flammable substances shall be placed in separate workshops, or arranged in a specially separated section of the plant and equipped with personal protective equipment and fire-fighting apparatus.

(2) in the workshop, the passage of logs, sawn timber and scrap should be set up and eliminated drafts facilities such as corridors, foyer, curtain, curtain and fire prevention facilities such as automatic fire doors, fire prevention and smoke shields, water curtain, etc.

(3) The erection of bridges with protective railings and staircases should be installed in the workplace when they need to arrive safely at the top of the equipment. The floor and overpass channel shall be laid against the ground.

(4). There should be no equipment and any line on the common pedestrian channel. Its width is not less than 1m.

(5) The conveyor belts below the ground are covered with cover plates or a Shan lattice shield. The surface of the metal plate should be anti-skid. The gap width of grid protection is not more than 30mm.

(6) Sawdust and waste storage tanks shall be placed outside the plant.

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