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Xinjiang: more than half of the target price for cotton picking has changed

- Oct 30, 2018 -

This is the peak season for cotton picking in xinjiang. In the cotton production area of bazhou, xinjiang, most of the cotton and cotton peaches are full. 60% of the cotton has been picked.

In bazhou in xinjiang, reporters saw a vast field of cotton being picked mechanically. Huang dong, who has more than 200 mu of cotton planted in his family, said he has picked almost all of them so far and had a good harvest.

Cotton farmer huang dong: machine pick cotton (pick) save trouble, save cost, profit quite good, (the country) subsidize come down to be (every kilogram)7 yuan more.

The so-called target price of cotton refers to that if the market price is lower than the target price, the country will fill the losses of cotton farmers. China launched a cotton target price pilot in xinjiang in 2014, which has achieved remarkable results after five years of practice.

Wang jun, vice President of xinjiang branch of agricultural development bank of China: the results of the five-year reform have been very clear. At present, the sown area is generally stable over 30 million mu and the cotton output is stable over 4 million tons.

China will continue to implement a target price subsidy system for cotton in 2018, with a price of 18,600 yuan per ton. It is worth noting that the target price of cotton in xinjiang has seen new changes this year: establishing a supervision system for the honest operation of processing enterprises, and thoroughly investigating and punishing illegal practices such as "circling cotton" and over-invoicing; Cotton farmers are encouraged to improve the quality of cotton by means of grading, picking and piling. The cotton subsidy is paid directly to cotton growers by local governments in the form of "one card". China agricultural development bank, the country's policy bank, has prepared to acquire 50 billion yuan to ensure the smooth cotton purchase.

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