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2018 The 20th China (Qingdao) International Exhibition Of Fabric, Accessories And Yarn

- Dec 06, 2017 -

    With the development of the industry, textiles face more and more personalized, custom trend arises at the historic moment, from printing, fabric quality, style and the latest design feeling, will influence the fabric orders. According to statistics, many fabric products both at home and abroad, and the "new, strange, special" fabric, different product structure and competition between peers increasingly obvious. Therefore, real-time grasp the latest industry trends and fashion trend is the development of the important basis.

    This exhibition for textile fabrics and textile machinery industry has a certain influence.

By attending the exhibition, we are able to understand basic industry trend and then improve ourselves, learn from other colleagues and company.

    Textile machinery manufacturers can also through the exhibition shows the fabrics, improve the equipments,to make more high quality fabric such as cotton, chemical fiber weaving fabrics.

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