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Best Wishes To The People Of India Happy Holi

- Mar 01, 2018 -

Holi, also called holi, joy, colorful, holi, lotus festival, is a tradition in India and the Hindu festival, its status after the Lantern Festival, is also India's traditional New Year (new India through the New Year at the vernal equinox day, time is a year December full moon month of Hindu calendar.

Celebrations are usually held in India and other Indian countries and are a typical day to celebrate the passing of the winter. In India, Nepal, suriname, Guyana, Trinidad, Britain, Mauritius and Fiji are important festivals, especially for young people.

People use the color of gas, liquid, solid to perform, with the purpose of painting each of the moving objects more than three times.

The holi festival is a symbol of the end of winter, the spring of the rebirth of all things has come, and it is also a symbol of the triumph of justice against evil. Now, holi has evolved into a holiday for people to get rid of misunderstanding and resentment, to bury the hatchet, and to get back together.

People who participate in the celebrations are chasing around, joking and splashing colorful paint and powder on each other. At the same time, the holi festival also includes a bonfire "burning huri" and so on. India has a vast territory, and the celebration of holi is not the same everywhere. In mathura, uttar pradesh, women were able to chase men with wooden sticks, and men could not fight back. In the state of rajasthan, people have twisted their wet clothes into a rope to beat people. In the Hindu holy site of varanasi, people sprinkling water, then marching in droves, Shouting abuse; In rural areas, the holi festival is more lively, sometimes celebrating for more than a month; In places such as bihar, people will also sing songs about spring, mud and dung.

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