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China ShuangShiEr Carnival,Chop Your Hand Today?

- Dec 12, 2017 -

On the one hand today is December 12,and on the other hand today is Chinese Online shopping carnival,alibaba change the way we buy goods and also change our life,it creates

some new celebrate days like 11.11 and 12.12.

These carnival change our life,and i should tell you about three or five years ago,December 12 don't have any means,it is only a date.But now the situation have some changes,today many customers buy something they like or they need on the alibaba.This day is similar with November 11,we can some discount and we can buy the goods we like with less money.So alibaba create a new era.

As for as i am concerned,chop your hand is means today you spent too much money for shopping online, and you feel very anxious to put his hand cut off.This is a vivid metaphor,and it only means you spent too much money than your plan.

So today if you bought too many goods and spent too much money,you can just say you had chop your hands!

Today our company small celebrate this carnival,my manager gave our some sweets and snacks,and i really like them.By the way ,i think today i should chop my hands because i bought too many goods and also spent too much money than i expected.

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