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China Textile Association: Looking Forward To The Return Of Sino-us Trade To Normal Track As Soon As Possible -- Statement On Sino-us Trade Issues By China Textile Industry Federation

- Oct 12, 2018 -

China and the United States are expected to return to normal trade as soon as possible

Statement by China textile industry federation on sino-us trade issues

On July 10, the office of the United States trade representative (ustr) released the list of additional tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese exports to the United States, including all kinds of textile yarn, fabrics, manufactured products for industrial use, as well as some household textiles and textile machinery.

The China textile industry association (hereinafter referred to as the China textile federation) is deeply concerned about the us's behavior of accelerating the upgrading of trade frictions and firmly opposes the us's imposition of tariffs on Chinese textile and textile equipment imports.

Since the implementation of the sino-us memorandum of understanding on textiles and apparel at the end of 2008, sino-us textile and apparel trade has been fully liberalized and maintained stable and healthy development. China's textile industry adhere to fair to participate in international competition and constantly enhance the level of opening to the outside world for the development of principles, actively integrate into the global textile industry division of labor, fully open access, commodity trade and investment with the United States textile manufacturing, commerce and the cotton industry to establish a stable, efficient and mutually beneficial industrial chain, supply chain partnership. The Chinese textile industry has provided a large number of high quality products with high cost performance for American consumers and created numerous jobs for American textile industry and related industries. The United States also provides China with a considerable number of textile industrial chain supporting products, such as cotton, cellulose raw materials, chemical fiber, textile fabrics and dyeing materials, as well as a variety of functional household and industrial textiles, to meet China's diversified domestic market. Over the years, China textile association has actively engaged in exchanges and communication with the national cotton association of the United States, the American nonwovens association and other trade organizations, providing numerous platforms and opportunities for the establishment and maintenance of friendly cooperative relations between the industries of the two sides.

Building a responsible and sustainable development model is a common principle in the field of international trade and economic cooperation. China's textile industry has always attaches great importance to the construction of social responsibility, take the lead in promoting social responsibility value into the industrial development, in the perfect employment environment, the power precision poverty alleviation, to set up the green industry system, to carry out the green trade, both accords with the trend of the development of globalization, respect and obey rules has made important achievements in aspects of international economy and trade, the world bank, the United Nations and other international institutions, the U.S. trade representative's office had "CSC9000T Chinese textile and garment enterprise society responsibility system" is the best practice guide enterprises to follow the laws and regulations.

At present, trade frictions between China and the United States are escalating, and the textile industry is willing to take national interests as the fundamental position to further deepen the transformation and upgrading, vigorously strengthen the development of responsibility, and resolve the negative impact of unreasonable tax increases by the United States. The textile industry also expects the sino-us trade issue to be properly handled and return to normal track as soon as possible. At the same time, the close cooperation between China and the us textile industry is hard-won and should be cherished. China textile federation solemnly called on relevant us industries to uphold the concept of fair competition and win-win cooperation and firmly oppose unfair tax increases by the us government. China textile association will closely follow the further actions of the us side, timely report information to the whole industry, warn risks, and collect the opinions and demands of the majority of enterprises in a timely manner, give feedback to relevant government departments, and put forward feasible Suggestions on countermeasures. China textile association will actively strengthen communication with relevant industry organizations in the United States and make due efforts to maintain the stable and healthy foreign trade environment of the textile industry.

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