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Chinese Air Jet Loom Feature

- Jul 18, 2017 -

High weft insertion rate and high quality fabric is attracting weaving customer, but due to e  weaving phenomenon of compressed air energy intensive and make comparison with our client.Spark spring combination on jet loom over the years for the work of energy saving result in improving the filling rate at the same time, the energy fluctuation kongfu, to improve speed by 20%, a 35% drop in gas, to raise the speed decrease gas consumption at the same time, give full play to the advantages of the air jet loom, at present our company energy-saving air-jet loom level has been at the same level with JinKouJi and gas consumption in China belong to the leading domestic level.Do the same varieties than similar domestic textile machinery in saving electricity more than 4000 yuan/units.Reduce weaving enterprise operating costs.Improve the market competitiveness for the enterprise.Example: 40 s weft YC910-190 850 r/min, gas consumption is about 0.7 m after/min, CFM is about 24.7

chinese air jet loom feature

  it is developed for meeting higher weaving requirement.
> Adopts the latest electronic control system
> New designed frame structure
> New designed main nozzle stretch air cylinder structure
> New designed low vibration beating balance system
> New designed double back rest let-off structure
> Higher efficiency weft insertion system
> Adopts super low-power electro-magnetic valve and nozzle
> Weaving expert system

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