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Egypt's Cotton Export Prospects In China Are Full Of Confidence

- Nov 20, 2018 -

Egyptian businessmen who are looking forward to coming to Shanghai for the expo are now preparing to return with one order and one letter of intent for cooperation.

"I believe our products will have a place in the huge Chinese market." After attending the expo, Egyptian cotton textile exporter saeed bouy expressed confidence in the export prospects of Egyptian cotton in China.

Egyptian cotton, also known as Egyptian long-staple cotton, is known as the "hermes cotton". With high quality, Egyptian cotton not only became the national treasure of Egypt, but also made the Egyptian textile industry. As the only country in west Asia and north Africa with completely vertically integrated textile industry, Egypt has about 7,150 textile and apparel enterprises covering the whole industrial chain of cotton planting, spinning, fabric, garment production and export, attracting over 1.5 million employees, accounting for about 30 percent of the country's industrial employment population.

"In the past, we didn't know much about the Chinese market. The fair just provides us with the opportunity to open this window." When he signed up for the fair earlier this year, Mr. Bouyei said, he was just trying. But in his six days in Shanghai, he saw not only Chinese enthusiasm for Egyptian exhibits, but also the huge export potential of Egyptian goods in the Chinese market.

In the exposition, Egyptian state trade and industry set up a national pavilion covers an area of 250 square meters, and a corporate pavilion covers an area of 450 square meters of Egypt, exhibitors include textiles, agricultural products, chemical fiber, household products, tourism, culture, art design, etc., exhibition goods container filled with 13 weighs 120 tons.

Mohammed noordin, who is in charge of the headquarters in Cairo, is the head of Egypt's largest export company of chemical fiber fabric to China and is vice-chairman of the fatherland protector party, the fourth largest party in the Egyptian parliament. Although the people are in Cairo, nurdin watches the latest news of Shanghai expo every day, leading up to "Shanghai time". "Egypt is now opening up to the outside world," he told China youth daily online. In Mr Nur's view, egyptians want not only to do business with the Chinese, but also to learn from China's openness to the outside world.

" the expo not only expands China's access to imported Egyptian goods, but also actually expands Egyptian domestic employment." " Ali khurtam, vice-chairman of the conservative party of Egypt, told China youth daily online that the expo will be the starting point for a new round of cooperation between China and Egypt. (source: Asian textile federation)

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