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Import Expo: Egyptian Textile Enterprises Want To Open The Chinese Market

- Nov 19, 2018 -

172 countries, regions and international organizations attended the conference, over 3,600 enterprises, over 400,000 domestic and foreign purchasers, over 5,000 products that first landed on the Chinese market, and the total expected transaction amount of usd 57.83 billion This series of data within 6 days showed the "quality" and "quantity" of the first China international import expo (hereinafter referred to as "import expo").

From the world's first baby mri machine with a unit price of $1.2 million to the sale of 20 in three days, to two or three hours to discuss the value of 2.6 million euro star exhibits "Taurus" longmen milling, into the fair has also made the world feel the Chinese market "big", "fast" and "new".

As one of the four major domestic diplomatic activities of China in 2018, this state-level exhibition themed on import is not only a great innovation in the history of international trade development, but also highlights the Chinese proposition of "innovation, openness and win-win" in the context of economic globalization.

Expo becomes trade 'highway' linking One Belt And One Road

A few days ago, Egyptian businessmen who are looking forward to coming to Shanghai for the expo are now preparing to return with one order and one letter of intent for cooperation. "I believe our products will have a place in the huge Chinese market." After attending the expo, Egyptian cotton textile exporter saeed bouy expressed confidence in the export prospects of Egyptian cotton in China.

Egyptian cotton, also known as Egyptian long-staple cotton, is known as the "hermes cotton". With high quality, Egyptian cotton not only became the national treasure of Egypt, but also made the Egyptian textile industry. As the only country in west Asia and north Africa with completely vertically integrated textile industry, Egypt has about 7,150 textile and apparel enterprises covering the whole industrial chain of cotton planting, spinning, fabric, garment production and export, attracting over 1.5 million employees, accounting for about 30 percent of the country's industrial employment population.

"In the past, we didn't know much about the Chinese market. The fair just provides us with the opportunity to open this window." When he signed up for the fair earlier this year, Mr. Bouyei said, he was just trying. But in his six days in Shanghai, he saw not only Chinese enthusiasm for Egyptian exhibits, but also the huge export potential of Egyptian goods in the Chinese market.

In the exposition, Egyptian state trade and industry set up a national pavilion covers an area of 250 square meters, and a corporate pavilion covers an area of 450 square meters of Egypt, exhibitors include textiles, agricultural products, chemical fiber, household products, tourism, culture, art design, etc., exhibition goods container filled with 13 weighs 120 tons.

Mohammed noordin, who is in charge of the headquarters in Cairo, is the head of Egypt's largest export company of chemical fiber fabric to China and is vice-chairman of the fatherland protector party, the fourth largest party in the Egyptian parliament. Although the people are in Cairo, nurdin watches the latest news of Shanghai expo every day, leading up to "Shanghai time". "Egypt is now opening up to the outside world," he told China youth daily online. In Mr Nur's view, egyptians want not only to do business with the Chinese, but also to learn from China's openness to the outside world.

" the expo not only expands China's access to imported Egyptian goods, but also actually expands Egyptian domestic employment. " Ali khurtam, vice-chairman of the conservative party of Egypt, told China youth daily online that the expo will be the starting point for a new round of cooperation between China and Egypt.

It is not just egyptians who see business opportunities in the expo. Among 172 countries and regions participating in the expo in China, one-third of the exhibitors are from One Belt And One Road countries and regions.

Expo is becoming a trade "highway" linking One Belt And One Road. During the expo, the countries and regions along the belt and road of "One Belt And One Road" not only displayed the products they made, but also saw new opportunities brought by China's measures on trade liberalization, facilitation, trade risk management, diversification of transport modes, upgrading of trade products and digital processing.

The participation "legion" for open and win-win

Will ZhanZhu bing countries like Egypt, on this into the expo and 11, both like Pakistan, Russia, Vietnam, Indonesia countries along the "area", also has the UK, Germany, Canada, the western traditional industrial power, more emerging countries like Brazil, South Africa and Mexico. They were attracted by China's firm commitment to further innovation, openness and win-win results.

For example, the UK in the context of "brexit" urgently needs to find new markets for its creative industries. In this expo, the UK national pavilion focuses on innovative and creative industries. In just three days, the UK delegation to the fair presented a satisfactory answer. British and Chinese companies in the cultural and creative industries signed eight agreements worth more than 40 million pounds (360 million yuan) during the expo, covering film, television, advertising and games, the British embassy in Beijing announced on Nov. 8. The UK has also become the first European country to sign an international television and film production agreement with China.

"this is encouraging news. This win-win situation will get better as we try to build new creative partnerships." Baroness ronna fairchild, minister of state for trade and export promotion at the British ministry of international trade, who led a delegation to the exhibition, said British creative industries use the platform to show Chinese investors their expertise, and the signing of relevant agreements will boost the employment and economic development of British and Chinese creative industries. It is a win-win relationship for both Britain and China.

Openness brings cooperation and cooperation creates win-win results. Germany, which is also in the shadow of trade protectionism and trade war, also hopes to send out the call of economic globalization and market opening through this expo.

Made in west Germany wade in coburg company very large nc machine tools "Taurus" milling machine when I went to the expo pavilion, China merchants in only two or three hours to complete the transaction just light, it has released a signal to the world, China and Germany is willing to in the field of high-end products and technology, the advanced industrial chain more closely cooperation. Amrs bruckner, senior vice President of global EPC sales of German Siemens power generation and natural gas group, also said: "we hope to use the expo to enhance our cooperation with Chinese enterprises, combine the advantages of Chinese manufacturing and German innovation, and jointly explore third-party market cooperation along the 'One Belt And One Road' line."

Emerging economies, such as Brazil, South Africa, Mexico and Indonesia, are looking to the transformational power of expo. According to Mexican economic historian grazia marquez, China's success in hosting the expo is of landmark significance, creating a new model of economic interaction between countries (regions). "China will show the world a more open market," Mexico's leading daily said of the expo. This is seen as a strong response to outside criticism."

In addition to the 12 host countries, nearly 180 U.S. companies in China have also taken concrete steps to support economic globalization and trade liberalization. As the third largest exhibitor "legion" of the expo, American exhibitors have brought their latest innovative scientific and technological achievements, artificial intelligence and even cutting-edge technologies of aerospace to Chinese consumers. The head of Boeing admits that they are confident about China's openness. There's a lot of potential in China, and American companies are going to be there.

"Us $40 trillion" demonstrates China's determination to further open up

Economic globalization has provided a strong impetus for world economic development and an irreversible historical trend. The world needs an open China, and China is firmly committed to keeping the door open.

"China is expected to import more than $30 trillion of goods and services in the next 15 years, and more than $10 trillion of goods and services, respectively." " This is the import commitment made by President xi jinping to the world at the opening ceremony of the expo. What these $40 trillion imports mean for world trade is not only a tangible growth dividend, but also China's firm determination to promote an open economy and support trade liberalization and economic globalization.

Kerry brown, director of the China institute at king's college London, said the $40 trillion in imports showed China had no intention of expanding its trade surplus. China not only focuses on exports, but also wants to increase imports.

Alexei kalashnikov, vice-president of the russian-chinese bilateral entrepreneur council, commented that under the current geopolitical conditions of sanctions and protectionism, the expo is a positive and beneficial activity, showing that international cooperation exists and "the interest of countries around the world to cooperate with China is growing".

China's ministry of commerce international trade and economic cooperation research institute researcher road red also think that $40 trillion of imports, will not only provide huge kinetic energy to the world trade, will also be reversed transmission system, the reform of domestic, promote the transformation and upgrading of related industries, and increase Chinese high-quality goods supply, consumption growth, improve the consumption structure of supply.

The world hopes that China will open its market more and China needs a more inclusive world. The first China expo will bridge the communication between the two countries. As President xi jinping said in his opening speech, "today, with the deepening of economic globalization, the blind alley of feeding the weak with the strong and winner-takes-all is a narrow one. Inclusiveness and win-win cooperation are the right way for the world to go wider and wider."

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