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Introduce Our Air Jet Loom

- Jan 23, 2018 -

An air jet loom is a shuttle less loom that uses a jet of air to propel the weft yarn through the shed.Air jet looms are capable of producing standard house hold and apparel fabrics for items such as shirts,denim,sheets,towels,and sports apparel,as well as industrial products such as printed circuit board clothes.

Heavier yarns are more suitable for air jet looms than lighter yarns.Air jet looms are capable of weaving plaids,as well as dobby and jacquard fabrics.Air jet weaving is type of weaving in which the weft yarn is inserted into the wrap shed with compressed air.It combine high performance with low manufacturing requirement.

And the machine's advantage are as follows:

  • High Productivity

  • Low Initial Expenses

  • High WIR(Weft Insertion Rate)

  • Simple Operation & Reduce Hazard Because of Few Moving Parts

  • Reduce Space Requirement

  • Low Noise & Vibration Level

  • Low Space Requirement

  • Reliability & Minimum Maintenance

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