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Jeans True And False Identification

- Jun 13, 2017 -

To identify a pair of jeans fabric true and false, if only from the buttons and leather cards and other accessories to identify, then it is really very accurate. The The

These are not technically high things, can do a lot of people out. So the key is to work hard from the fabric and washing up. This is my original intention of this post!

Wash the water, then speak up simple, but it is difficult to do it. Because of the time, I briefly introduce the basic washing effect:

1, the cat must be: with sandpaper in the trousers wiping a trace. And then sprayed with potassium permanganate (commonly known as: monkey), and then into the industrial washing machine, and finally baked out. This is just a process introduction, which will be due to the need for the effect and other reasons for the different processes and washing the temperature, need no need to bubble resin, etc. will be different.

2, hand rub: with sandpaper in the pants on a piece of large or small area. And then sprayed with potassium permanganate, into the industrial washing machine, and then drying. Hand rub is a fine work, it seems simple, but it is necessary experience and skills. In particular, with the need to cooperate with the potassium permanganate, a good jeans hand rub evenly uneven, naturally not natural, really test the skills of hand rub master. Hand rub the edge of the wipe or wipe light, potassium permanganate spray light or heavy, uniform uneven, will affect the effect of the entire pants.

3, wrinkle: that is, we usually see the fold part. Do this effect first pants soak resin, and then use high-pressure steam iron, pressure out of folds, and then into the high temperature oven shape. Resin soaking is more complex, soaking time is short, the effect is difficult to come out, and after washing a few times easy to subside. Soak a long time, the fabric will be more brittle, hand a tear, you can tear. Usually determine the resin soaked well, that is, by tearing the trousers or wrinkled place.

4, tie flowers: bar flower is actually we see the pants on that section of an irregular white line, looks like lightning effect. To do this effect is the trousers with high elastic rubber band (there are a lot of substitutes) folded tight, and then into the industrial washing machine wash. After washing a few times out, the exposed part of the exposed will be white. So there is a section of the irregular white line.

5, white: a lot of looks like white or light-colored jeans, the original color of its fabric is not white or light. It is after the effect of manual processing. To make the overall pants made of this light-colored effect, it needs the whole pants with sandpaper or special tools to wipe it again, and then sprayed with potassium permanganate. After washing out, it becomes a light effect. If you open the bag or some more secret place, you can see the original color of the pants fabric, because there is no rub and spray monkey.

6, rotten: some strip of rotten, with some small electric tools out of grinding. Some other rotten, a simple point is a knife cut, cut rotten rotten is also very skillful. And some are done with tools.

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