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- Apr 12, 2018 -

The weaving loom can be divided into two categories: weaving and knitting. The loom consists of the original shuttle loom and the new shuttle-free loom. The shuttleless loom mainly consists of rapier loom, air jet loom, water jet loom and projectile loom. The knitting machine is divided into two categories: warp knitting and weft knitting.

In the knitting class, the product development of Chinese weaving machine is uneven. Among them, circular weft and warp knitting machine develop faster, and the horizontal machine and sock machine are relatively slow, and the crochet machine develops quickly. The basic products used in domestic circular weft machine are relatively complete, including single side, double-sided circular knitting machine, rib machine and artificial fur machine, etc. There are four stitches, loops (positive and reverse), linings, multi-function single planes, etc.

The diameter of the tube has grown from 30 inches in the past to a maximum of 38 to 40 inches, and the machine number has been developed from E28 with a fine needle distance to E32~E36. There are cotton wool machine in double-sided circular weft machine, double-sided machine and jacquard two-sided machine, etc. The rib rapier loom is a series of machine, and the cotton machine and rib machine can convert each other. The electronic jacquard circular knitting machine has made a breakthrough to fill the gap in China. The artificial fur machine has two kinds of wool feed and cut ring, and the computer jacquard artificial fur machine has been produced in bulk.

The classification of weaving weft insertion method can be divided into two categories: shuttle loom and shuttleless loom. A shuttle loom is a loom that USES a traditional shuttle (wood shuttle or plastic shuttle) weft insertion. The shuttle is large in size and heavy in weight. It is repeatedly projected on and on. The machine is vibrating with large vibration, high noise, slow speed and low efficiency. The weft weaving method of shuttleless looms is a variety of ways, such as rapier, jet (jet, spray), projectile, multi-shed (polyphase) and weaving.

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