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Main Advantage And Characteristic Of Our High Speed Rapier Loom

- Jan 26, 2018 -

Our high speed rapier loom model is originated in Italy's Leonardo,and on the basis of the improvement.This machine uses conjugate CAM beating-up,and the scope of weaving is wide,it can weave from high-density fabric to light fabric such as silk fabric.

Weft insertion system adopts the self-contained propeller weft insertion,the weft transition is more stable.

Because of the rapier gripper adopts the design of lightweight high strength,make the loom more suitable for high-speed operation.

Electronic take-up and let off system adopts synchronous positive type electronic control,the warp tension is more constant,make more good quality fabric.

Because of the main moving parts adopt circulating oil supply system,makes the maintenance more easy.

Machine circuit uses the redundancy design,electronic failure rate is very low,and the general components,maintenance is convenient.

This machine since put into production in 2004.nearly 500 r/min speed,stable operation for more than 10 years,from this point on,enough to prove that the machine design is very mature and perfect.

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