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Make Full Use Of Its Advantages In Resources Experts Pulse Textile Industry

- Dec 29, 2017 -

Recently, in the Qingdao economic informationization committee, under the guidance of Qingdao small and medium-sized enterprises public service center and cieme area and industrial information bureau, Qingdao university of science and technology in cieme hosted the "2017 Qingdao small and medium-sized enterprise the textile apparel industry docking technology symposium". From Qingdao university more than 10 technical service volunteer experts on-site pulse, to more than 20 companies more than 60 enterprises, technical director, head of the NSC.

This special fields, fully give play to the resource advantage of Qingdao university, textile printing and dyeing clothing technology and released the latest achievements in more than 60, and put forward the technical requirements for more than 20 enterprises to the enterprise puts forward the solving direction or preliminary solution, get industry recognition. Among them, the colorful printing and dyeing textile fabrics for functional improvement is put forward, ask for an increase in radiation protection and shielding function, highly polluting and energy-intensive businesses to account for the traditional soaking technology, technical service volunteers to provide the new technology of optimization and technical solutions, won industry recognition, the two sides decided unanimously late further cooperation talks; Non-woven supermild packing modification and the lack of the relevant patent technology problem, technology service volunteers recommends related to the enterprise in the field of technological achievements, was welcomed by companies, enterprises and technical services, consulting the diagnosis to volunteers agreed time to the scene.

Ccpit, the reporter understands, this project is the Qingdao small and medium-sized enterprise technology service volunteer service activities since its launch in March 2017 the fifth large concentration technology docking activities, also is this year's final project docking discussion activities. Technical service activities, has accumulated successful docking for nearly hundred enterprises more than 110 technical requirements, service content more rich, the scope of enterprises to expand steadily. Next year, the city economy informationization committee will continue to integrate the multi-field and multi-level technical experts and scientific research institutes of technology, focus on new materials, food processing industries, leading technical service volunteers entered the area (city), the villages and towns, streets (park), to the technology demand of precision docking as the basic service pattern, promoting technical service volunteer service activities results continue to fall to the ground, improve micro, small and medium enterprises technical innovation ability, for the city "four new economy" and old and the new function transformation to provide power.

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