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Ministry Of Foreign Trade Company For Small Dinner Party This Weekend

- Dec 18, 2017 -

This weekend,ministry of foreign trade company for small dinner party.Everyone was really happy and we are becoming more and more like a family.

The boss invited us to have a dinner together,and we were excited.Our company often hold some small dinner party to increase everyone's understanding for each other, then make our relationship more strong.So i feel really happy and relax in our company.My boss and manager are so kind,and my colleagues are also really friendly,i always feel warmly stay with them.

And i want to share a food picture to all of you,because i think it is really beautiful and full of new ideas,this is my first time to eat it.I hope it also will be attract you.If you come to china and visit our company,maybe my boss will invite you to eat it.hahah...I wish one day you can come to our city to taste the good food.

Hope our company will more and more better,and we will more and more like a family.

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