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QH Series Air-jet Looms

- Jul 13, 2017 -

product description

QH series air-jet looms is a new generation. More reasonable frame and warp tension control system makes high speed weave weave weave more stable weft system more energy efficient.

Important features

Double pressure roller lift

When the cloth is guided, the double-sided rolling elevator can be rolled up and down at the same time; and then through the hole with the ingredients roll guide cloth, save a lot of labor and time. In addition, it is very safe.

2. New dual rear beam configuration

According to the swing frame, a fixed beam can be added, which can be rotated by the yarn; it can maintain the pressing angle of the induced beam of the yarn. At the same time, make the induction stress more accurate

High-strength frame

The frame is made of double-sided box-type sheet, beam and bracket in the middle, can produce high-quality products, and even can produce heavy or highly tight fabric.

4. Computer automatic refueling device

Double pendulum main injection device

The double pendulum main injection device is used for series swing, the main nozzle to the nozzle flow more moderate on the role of weft, to further improve the performance of the machine.

6. Fold to one side of the pneumatic device

Through the electronically controlled refraction of the jet within the production of yarn, woven surface to achieve fabric light, simple structure, easy to use, not because of mechanical damage and affect the quality of cloth edge.

Oil bath electric winding configuration

Servo electric shift fixed with oil bath lubrication, reduce noise and wear

Super start large engine

I am the exclusive development of the company, very large engine power, speed stability, excellent performance, the machine life longer.

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