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Sino - Egyptian Textile Cooperation To A New Level

- Jun 06, 2017 -

Textile and garment industry capacity from Asia to Africa has been the opportunity to come, Ethiopia is to undertake this new wave of production capacity of the leader

Ethiopia is an active participant in the construction of "all the way along the way". Nearly 20 Chinese textile and garment enterprises have invested in the country and become the mainstay of the local industrialization process. Recently, the China Textile International Association of Industrial Cooperation, Ethiopian Embassy in China jointly organized the "Ethiopian Prime Minister and Chinese textile entrepreneurs to meet", Ethiopian Prime Minister Haier Mariam said that in the "area along the way" construction, the two sides will Jointly promote the textile industry to a new level of cooperation.

Haier Maliam said that Ethiopia's development of textile and garment industry has a unique advantage: relatively cheap large amounts of labor resources, adequate inexpensive hydropower resources, stable political environment, rapid development of the economy and firm industrial determination.

"Ethiopia attaches great importance to cooperation with Chinese enterprises, the relevant departments, such as the Ministry of Finance, customs departments, investment committees have set up a Chinese Affairs Office to assist Chinese enterprises to invest in cooperation in the investment period of Ethiopia is looking forward to more with China Textile enterprises have more in-depth contact, the Government will be the greatest sincerity to meet the arrival of Chinese textile enterprises. "Haier Mariam said.

Ethiopia is one of the most influential countries in Africa and the history and natural extension of the Maritime Silk Road. In the "area along the way" under the leadership of construction, many Chinese enterprises have come to Ethiopia investment.

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