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Textile Machinery Efficiency

- Apr 01, 2017 -

Textile machinery's efficiency is based on the speed and the other measures. Such as exhaust hopper autolevelling apparatus of carding machine and successfully realized the combination of cleaning and carding, eliminating roll processes and cleaning and Lapper device and save a lot of lifting, improving efficiency. Worsted as a result of automatic levelling device (see drawing autoleveller) spinning process number reduced from 40 7~10 road, 4~7 road, reducing machines, saving the plant area, investment and labour savings, reducing costs. With mechanization and automation devices to gradually replace hard manual work and reducing workers, is another measure to improve the efficiency of textile machinery. Modern ring spinning frame with automatic doffing intubation head device, instead of the heavy manual doffing operations; automatic piecing device replaced the manual circuit connector. Textile machinery is to simulate the movements of people and constantly perfected, has become highly automated machinery with artistry and exquisite quality. Because LSI development of microelectronics, microprocessor and computer, begin to penetrate into a single and complete sets of textile machinery in the past. High speed automatic winding machine electronic yarn clearer, can automatically check out the yarn and bold details, automatic removal and automatic knot, can also interface with microprocessor for yarn, weight, classification statistics section. Distribution has microprocessor of inspection cloth function with display will about defects category of statistics number, and defects location, and each volume cloth of length (deduction bad cloth part) and weight to statistics form form displayed out, and can in a cloth inspection finished Hou output this batch cloth of total volume number, and classification of defects number and bad cloth deduction volume of report, also can print out results or records in tape available future check of with.

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