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Textile Machinery General InformationSafety Operation Of Woodworking Machinery

- Apr 01, 2017 -

(a) woodworking machinery operators must be proficient in the construction of a variety of machinery, performance and operation, maintenance methods, to be dedicated to the use of personnel, person responsible.

(2) operation of woodworking machinery, should wear overalls, tie cuffs, women must wear a good job cap, braid into the hat, no gloves, scarves and so on.

(3) The machine must be run before starting work, and the components can start working properly.

(iv) The shaft, chain, pulley, belt and other operating parts of woodworking machinery should be set up and protective panels.

(v) If there is abnormal condition or other malfunction in the mechanical operation, the power supply should be cut off immediately and the parking is repaired.

(6) Replacing the planer and sawing, the total power must be cut off.

(7) Check the machine lubrication system before working every day. Is good.

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