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The Development Of Weaving Machine Products Presents The Following Features:

- Apr 10, 2018 -

The development of weaving machine products presents the following features:

1. Electronic jacquard technology and computer control technology has been widely used in all kinds of knitting machinery products, in a circular knitting machine, flat knitting machine, hosiery machine, artificial fur machines and warp knitting with warping machine has adopted, to fill the gaps in China for many years in this respect, has realized the electronic jacquard, improve the technical level of the machine, some machines has reached the international advanced level in the 1990 s. China's circular weft machine, hosiery machine and horizontal computer control system have been used in batch.

2. Product specifications series supplemented have relatively complete and to the development of both ends, such as circular knitting machine's largest drum up to 38, 40 inches, number of E36, warp knitting pattern of up to 180 inches, number of E32, computer flat knitting machine specification can reach 60 inches, the largest number of E18.

3. Enhance the versatility and versatility of the machine, such as the four-needle track, the loop and the lining-weft single plane machine can convert each other, and multi-purpose; In a certain range, the needle tube of the same machine with different specifications can be exchanged, and the machine can be used in multiple specifications. Mechanical jacquard and electronic jacquard machines can be converted, etc.

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