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The Different Advantage Of Weaving Looms

- Apr 12, 2018 -

Rapier loom

The rapier loom USES rigid or flexible rapier head, which brings the entrainment and guide weft. Rapier loom in addition to suitable for weaving plain and grain fabric, its characteristic is convenient for color change, suitable for multicolor weft fabric, suitable for yarn dyed, double velvet fabric, terry fabric, and decorative fabric production.

Jet loom

The jet loom pulls the weft through a jet of compressed air, and the weft is carried over the shed. Air jet loom is characterized by fast speed and high labor productivity. It is suitable for the production of plain and grain fabrics, fine and high density fabrics and bulk fabrics.

Water jet loom

The water jet loom USES water as a weft medium to generate friction drag on the weft by jet flow, and the filling yarn on the fixed bobbin is introduced into the shed. The water jet loom is characterized by high speed and high unit yield, which is mainly applied to the production of hydrophobic filament synthetic fabrics with smooth surface.

Gripper loom

The shuttle loom takes the weft of the small laminated shuttle with a clamp and projects the filling insertion. It is suitable for the production of multi-color weft, fine and thick fabric and wide fabric.

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