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The Market Demand For Hemp Spinning Is Very Promising.

- Mar 15, 2018 -

In recent years, both in the store window and in the life that occupy the home, including hemp products more and more in the line of sight of people, consumer groups is constantly expanding the domestic jute spinning products, market development potential is huge. Especially with the concept of "comfortable dress", hemp clothing has been widely used in daily life, and the blended products of hemp fiber and other fibers have shown explosive growth.

Needless to say, as the change of market and consumer, people's understanding of hemp products is from single pure hemp products to cotton blended, chemical fiber blended yarn, wool hemp blended with various fibers blended, provides consumers with more choice and more of the fabric style, promoted the hemp products to diversified development.

The increase in the demand for hemp products has also accelerated the development of the market in the textile industry. The cost of pure hemp product is higher than that of blending, and it can reduce the cost to develop the blended product of hemp fiber for the traditional pure hemp enterprise. Part of this enterprise is a cross-industry, previously dominated by cotton products, because the cotton price difference is big, at home and abroad to do cotton have no competitive advantage, then adjust the product structure, develop new products, cotton fiber blended yarn, relying on the advantages and characteristics of hemp, through enhancing the added value of the product achieves the goal of improve enterprise economic benefits.

Weak basic technology

Containing hemp products shine diversification development effectively promoted the development of the jute spinning industry, but the development of the jute spinning industry with varieties of products are faced with new challenges, jute spinning industry because of its small size and many kinds of, in the whole big textile system belongs to "small business", in terms of technical level and development of science and technology strength relative to other industry is relatively weak, especially in terms of technology and equipment level.

Dong chunxing, President of the association of Chinese textile and textile industry, said that in 2017, the total amount of fiber processing in China is about 54 million tons, of which chemical fiber accounts for 75 percent, cotton fiber is about 13 percent to 14 percent, and wool, hemp and silk account for about 1 percent. The annual processing volume of hemp fibers woven into textile fabrics is about 400,000 tons, and some are not taken. In general, the annual production of hemp fiber is about 800,000 tons. Compared with chemical fiber and cotton, in terms of volume, the industry is relatively small, accounting for only one tenth of the cotton processing amount, and only one twentieth of the total cotton processing. The industry is small, attention is relatively low.

At present, there are only two domestic spinning enterprises, zhejiang jinying co., LTD and changzhou jinde textile machinery co., LTD. After the purchase of the British company mackay, zhejiang golden eagle corporation has become the largest manufacturer of flax spinning equipment in the world. The technical level of flax spinning equipment represents the international advanced level. However, the size of the industry as well as the influence of production technology and process specificity, domestic research of jute spinning equipment less equipment manufacturing enterprises, equipment level of jute spinning industry is relatively backward, compared with the cotton fiber and other industries, there are more than the low degree of automation, labor, long process, the problem such as high cost, large material loss.

Ramie are famous for their "China grass" in the world, 90% of the world's total yield and fiber processing, however, ramie processing production equipment is relatively backward, especially in the drawing, process long, many labor and high consumption, combing equipment is enterprise on the basis of old cotton or wool spinning equipment, by transforming part in individual ramie spinning enterprises can even see in the last century 60 s, 70 s of the equipment. It is one of the key factors restricting the development of the textile industry, which hinders the development of the textile industry.

Expect equipment breakthrough

Dong Chunxing has said, in the face of the profound change of the hemp products consumer market and the reality of rising labor costs, jute spinning enterprises to reduce the labor intensity, improve production efficiency, reduce technological process, to ensure product quality, the demand for the automation equipment increase rapidly, has become a jute spinning industry entrepreneurs in promoting enterprise change the first option, this is the trend of The Times, and hope for equipment enterprise is jute spinning enterprises.

Happily, nearly two years, in the industry transformation and upgrading of groping, there has been a textile machinery enterprises aware of jute spinning industry in terms of technology and equipment to upgrade demand growing trend, create a competitive advantage in the niche is becoming many textile machinery enterprises to choose. Equipments in the domestic cotton spinning industry of high automation, less labor, continuous production technology has been very mature, very much hope to draw lessons from the development of cotton spinning equipment jute spinning industry experience and practice, "shortcut", applies the technology of grafting to the jute spinning equipment, to bring new breakthrough, jute spinning industry is promising in terms of the textile machinery enterprises. Jute spinning association will organize jute spinning enterprises of the textile machinery industry joint breach, in the key process and key links, draw lessons from experience and mature technology, realization of jute spinning equipment level of rapid ascension, promote industry technology progress and sustainable development.

Jute spinning industry although the size is small, but its market and the value to be reckoned with. At present, the domestic enterprise research of jute spinning equipment is less, jute spinning enterprises also lacks the introduction of international advanced jute spinning equipment modification, textile machinery enterprise developing jute spinning special equipment is less, not enough and scattered also restricts the development of jute spinning industry.

In today's fierce competition, specialization, differentiation is the key to occupy, jute spinning industry because of its fiber properties, has a "unique beauty" competitive advantage, as long as there is central drill into, there will be a new market space. Expect more domestic equipment enterprise for jute spinning industry technical progress.

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