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The Third South African China Textile Exhibition Opens In 2018

- Nov 22, 2018 -

China Premium Textile & Apparel Trade Show-South Africa (CPT-SouthAfrica) kicks off at the international conference center in Cape Town, SouthAfrica, nov 20, local time.

This South Africa exhibition is hosted by China textile industry federation, co-organized by China council for the promotion of international trade and textile branch of China Frankfurt exhibition South Africa co., LTD, jiangsu lianya international exhibition co., LTD and zhejiang yuanda international exhibition co., LTD.

Local time at 10:00 on November 20th, China's ambassador to Cape Town total LingShiGuan generation consul general moncef zouali, secretary general of the China council for the promotion of international trade branch of textile industry zhang, Frankfurt exhibition co., LTD in South Africa, chief executive of Konstantin Von Vieregge, group exhibition director Joshua Low, fair director KathrynFrew and Sri Lanka and Pakistan's official representatives attended the opening ceremony and visit the exhibition.

Konstantin Von Vieregge, CEO of Frankfurt exhibition South Africa LTD, said in his speech that the South Africa show itself is a platform to provide trade opportunities, aiming to create ways for exhibitors and African purchasers to promote deeper cooperation between each other in the future. Currently, more than 50 textile international exhibitions have been held by Frankfurt exhibition company in the world. There is also great room for the development of South African textile exhibitions. Therefore, we are committed to providing high-quality exhibition services and making contributions to promoting china-africa trade exchanges and cooperation.

The Frankfurt exhibition company has been cooperating with the textile council for over 20 years, among which intertextile auxiliary materials exhibition, home textile exhibition, New York exhibition, Paris exhibition and other exhibitions have ranked the first place in the world. Together, Frankfurt's rich experience in hosting exhibitions will further ensure the high level and international level of the exhibition. Meanwhile, Frankfurt's global media network will help promote the South Africa exhibition more effectively, and its industrial resources in Africa will speed up the implementation of the exhibition.

Zhang tao, secretary general of China council for the promotion of international trade, delivered the opening speech on behalf of the organizer. China's textile and apparel industry is one of the most market-oriented industries in China and plays an important role in the global industrial chain, he said. The major achievement of China's textile and apparel industry is the result of free trade, which benefits not only China's textile industry but also the global industry. We hope to use the exhibition platform to present the best products of Chinese exhibitors to African markets and local consumers.

Cao li, deputy consul general of the Chinese consulate general in Cape Town, said that the English abbreviation of CPT for South Africa exhibition coincides with the abbreviation of city of Cape Town, which indicates that Cape Town is destined to be the exhibition destination of "China textile products exhibition". The South Africa exhibition not only showcases textile and clothing, but also serves as a platform for deepening bilateral cooperation and exchanges. Trade between China and Africa has grown significantly in recent years, and Africa is gradually becoming China's largest cooperative partner. South Africa not only helps Chinese enterprises to export products to African markets, but also builds a bridge of cooperation between Chinese enterprises and African and even global textile enterprises to share the future of the industry.

More than 100 enterprises from jiangsu, zhejiang, fujian, guangdong, shandong and other provinces participated in the exhibition. China textile products fair and South Africa international textile and footwear import and trade fair (ATF) are held in the same place, sharing buyers' resources and market channels.

During the exhibition, eight BBS events were held, which were closely related to the hot topics of the industry, including policy interpretation, consumption trend, fashion trend, environmental protection and sustainable development, etc. African AGOA opportunity act, interpreting policies and seizing opportunities; "Africa will become the next retail investment destination". From the aspects of population growth, urbanization and population structure, Africa is the golden period of retail growth. "Fashion trend interpretation" helps enterprises to promote brand stories through fashion trends; "The future of fabric" elaborates that intelligent textile fabrics will change the existing textile field, thus having a more profound impact on the industry.

The exhibition site will also hold a series of fashion events, Chinese exhibitors special three. There are also shows from Sri Lanka, India, Africa and Europe. At that time, the professional model team in Africa will demonstrate various styles of dress for the industry, passing on the mystery of different countries' fashion.

The fourth China textile fine goods exhibition (South Africa) & South Africa textile clothing and footwear exhibition will be held simultaneously with the international textile and footwear import trade exhibition (ATF) and the SOURCE AFRIC exhibition in Cape Town, South Africa from June 12 to 14, 2019.

At that time, the joint exhibition of three exhibitions, the upstream and downstream cooperation in the industry, resource sharing and industrial chain resonance, will surely become a professional event of African textile and clothing.

Seize the opportunities in Africa and look forward to entering the next blue ocean market with colleagues in the industry.

The SOURCE AFRICA expo aims to serve African textile and apparel enterprises and promote African regional exchanges and international cooperation in textile industry. Last year, there were 2,112 visitors, 112 audience interchanges, 25 expert speeches, 21 industry BBS shows and 10 shows.

ATF exhibition is an international procurement platform for participating enterprises outside Africa (except China) with a history of 20 years.

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