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Turkish Customers Visit Our Factory‘s Water Jet Loom

- May 27, 2017 -

May 2017, from Turkey, foreign customers made a special trip to Qingdao Xin Run Ju Machinery Co., Ltd., conducted a field visit. Qingdao Xin Run Ju Machinery Co., Ltd. warmly received the visit of foreign friends, foreign trade colleagues and the company all the staff expressed their warm welcome.


The Ministry of Foreign Trade in charge of foreign customers for a detailed company products, accompanied by foreign customers to watch the company after the video, foreign customers happily visited my company's products and exhibitions, in a full range of understanding of the company's strength, R & D strength And detailed product introduction, the Xinrun Ju enterprise culture, the future development prospects have further understanding, the Xinrun poly business management of the quality of the water jet loom and Xin Run all the staff of the warm and thoughtful service, And my company's products have a strong interest and look forward to working with my company long-term cooperation.

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