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Washcloths Quietly Popular Whether Towels Will Be Replaced

- Nov 20, 2018 -

Wash face towel quietly popular, manufacturer follows in succession

"After getting wet, it can be used to wash the baby's face and hands. On October 31, Ms. Zhou, who has a child under three years old, told reporters that at the recommendation of other young mothers, she replaced the cotton towel with the "wash face towel" more than a year ago and became a daily cleaning tool for children.

"Washcloths", as ms zhou describes them, have quietly appeared on the paper shelves of hypermarket stores such as carrefour and China resources vanguard, and even daily chemical chain stores such as watsons.

In carrefour furong plaza store, the reporter respectively saw jie rou, good luck, the heart of a number of day paper brand launched "wash face towel" products. For example, 2160 sheets of tissue paper with 6 bags of good luck are sold for 22.8 yuan, while 1,215 sheets of wet surface paper with 1, 215 boxes of jielou large "face wash towel" are sold for 10.9 yuan, and 2,376 sheets of tissue paper with heart shape print and baby dry and wet are sold for 86.9 yuan. Compared with the same size of ordinary paper drawing, the price is about 1.5 to 2 yuan per 110, almost 2 times higher.

Although the price is not cheap, consumer acceptance is still quite high. According to a salesman at Watson's hippo park store, young consumers prefer to buy such facial tissues, "especially during promotions, where sales are better." And in the pre-sale of Tmall "double 11" at 18:00 on October 31, 36 bags of pure cotton era were totally 3,600, and the pre-sale price was still up to 413 yuan, 96,967 "disposable face towel" had been booked, which is about 10 times of that of ordinary paper drawing.

Surprisingly, in addition to the Japanese paper enterprises have launched "disposable washcloths", even towel manufacturers began to follow. At the official flagship store of jellia Tmall, the brand's "disposable cotton pads" has sold more than 2,200 items for a total of 300 packs for 59.9 yuan.

Some people think that "one-off is more hygienic", while others value "environmental protection".

The reporter noticed, with "the specification is bigger make up cotton" basically is nonwoven material is qualitative different, the wash face towel that paper company rolls out its essence still is "paper", and wet water does not break, not easy drop chip makes the biggest difference that these paper face towel and common take out paper.

On the same day, the reporter respectively bought the jie rou, the pure cotton era wash face towel and the jie rou ordinary drawing paper, and conducted the wet water test. Test results showed that the first two after the full wet, still maintain the integrity of the paper will be torn open, while the latter after the wet, gently torn and broken.

And "one-time more sanitary" became its biggest selling point to compete with towels of similar use. Reporters interviewed several consumers who, like Ms. Zhou, began to gradually use washcloths instead of towels. They generally believe that the average price of a washcloth per day is not expensive, but it saves the towel from the need of regular cleaning, disinfection and sun exposure after a period of time, which is more convenient.

However, there are also towel supporters believe that the towel can be reused to save money, after not doing a wash towel can be used as a foot towel, and even eventually become a rag, using a longer life and more environmentally friendly.

Upgrading of daily necessities, the future is still "each takes what he needs"

From bulky desktops to ultra-thin laptops with no more than 3 kilos of battery life, from cheap hand toothbrushes to high-tech electric toothbrushes, from towels to washcloths.. The upgrading of similar supplies has witnessed the continuous upgrading of consumer demand, the progress of society and the increasingly abundant selectivity of commodities in the market.

, however, to the changsha city supermarket supply and a number of dealers still think some brand towel, face towel, perhaps is a rich and upgrade, consumer market will come to an end, but that doesn't mean the towel era "from the size of the paper towel, has certain limitations, such as bath towel, dry hair towel category, it can't substitute, and its for most consumers, still have a long market popularity and acceptance process, at the same time, towel manufacturer also in actively pursuing new and change, the future should be 'respective satisfy need flowers market competition environment.

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