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Xinjiang: We Will Give Top Priority To The Development Of The Textile And Apparel Industry In The Southern Region Of Xinjiang In Terms Of Employment

- Nov 12, 2018 -

The second meeting of the leading group on textile and apparel employment in 2018 was held in xinjiang uygur autonomous region on the afternoon of September 9. Meeting new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in jinping thoughts as the instruction, the implementation of the autonomous region party committee about deployment requirements of economic work, focus on peace and stability of social stability and general objective, in-depth analysis in the first three quarters of employment situation, textile and garment industry development arrangement deployment wintry spring is the key work, promote the development of textile and clothing industry with high quality, tough battle for power out of poverty, and made positive contributions to maintaining social stability. Li pengxin, deputy secretary of the party committee of the autonomous region and leader of the autonomous region's leading group for textile and apparel employment, attended and addressed the meeting.

Since the beginning of this year, all local departments and departments have adhered to the principle of putting employment first and giving priority to southern xinjiang, continuously promoted high-quality development of the textile and apparel industry, maintained a steady growth momentum, gradually expanded the industrial scale, significantly improved quality and efficiency, more accurate policy system and significant employment effect.

Conference pointed out that the implementation of the development of textile and clothing industry in xinjiang to promote one million employment strategic planning, xi jinping, comrade, the core of the party central committee based on resources, location advantage, development of our eyes to promote the district especially nanjiang XPCC stable employment, rich, help achieve social stability and security in xinjiang to make major policy decisions. The whole region should strengthen the "four consciousness", "four self-confidence", and "two maintenance", strengthen the sense of responsibility to promote the textile and apparel industry to drive employment, and firmly grasp the solid grasp.

The meeting stressed that we should focus on the overall goal and do a good job of "combining efforts" to create a harmonious and stable environment for the development of textile and apparel industry. We will continue to use market forces to reduce production capacity and deepen supply-side structural reform. We will focus on developing labor-intensive industries, such as textile and clothing, and encourage more poor people to move out of poverty into employment. The idea of "green water and green mountains are golden mountain and silver mountain" should be firmly adhered to the ecological red line, and the "three highs" project is strictly forbidden to enter xinjiang. We should meet the needs of enterprises, strengthen service measures, strengthen organizational guidance and training, and provide more qualified industrial workers for enterprises. We should pay attention to preventing risks, allocate, use and supervise special subsidies, strengthen research on fiscal and financial policies, and effectively improve the service of the real economy. We should fully use all preferential policies, encourage and support the development of private enterprises, encourage more labor-intensive industries to take root in xinjiang, and provide strong support for the high-quality development of the textile and apparel industry.

The meeting demands to strengthen organizational leadership, enhance staff skills, strengthen military and ground coordination, coordinate enterprise by enterprise, promote project by project and solve problem by problem, make every effort to do a good job this winter and next spring, and provide strong guarantee for the development of textile and garment industry to drive employment.

Zhang chunlin, member of the standing committee of the party committee of the autonomous region and executive vice chairman of the autonomous region, chaired the meeting.

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